How to Resolve a Blocked Shippo Account

A Shippo account can become blocked from logging in or from making purchasesIn this article, we'll cover the common reasons an account might be blocked, as well as steps to resolve the account block and get back to shipping!

Blocked from Logging In

If you cannot log into your Shippo account, please check the following:

  1. Confirm that you have typed in the login email address correctly
  2. Confirm you have typed in your password correctly
  3. Reset your password by clicking here

Your account will be locked after several unsuccessful login attempts. Please get in touch with Support to have your login reset.

Blocked from Making Purchases

Your account can be blocked from label purchases for several reasons. There are three common reasons your account might be blocked:

  • Unpaid invoice
  • Purchase disputes
  • Unusual account activity

Unpaid Invoice

All Shippo accounts must remain current with billing to continue to purchase shipping labels. Billing runs weekly unless the $100 billing threshold is met sooner than one week. Details are discussed in our Billing FAQs. Failed charges on an invoice will temporarily block the account from new purchases.

Invoice Due emails are sent as a reminder of the outstanding balance. Click Re-attempt charge next to the invoice on the Billing tab to pay the charge and automatically unblock your account.


Purchase Disputes

Disputing a Shippo Invoice charge with your bank or credit card will automatically block your account from label purchases.

To continue purchasing labels in Shippo, you must work with your bank to withdraw the dispute. The block will be removed when the bank notifies our payment processor that the dispute is withdrawn.


Unusual Account Activity

For the security and protection of all Shippo users, we use an automated system to screen accounts for unusual activity. This system is used both in the registration process and on an ongoing basis.

If an unusual or suspicious activity or transaction is detected, the Shippo account will automatically be blocked to protect both the account owner and Shippo from the risk of fraud. The ability to make new purchases will be suspended until we can verify account ownership. This is a similar process that banks, credit cards, and other financial institutions use to keep your accounts safe.

Please contact Support for assistance if your account has been suspended. 




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