Troubleshooting Printing Problems in Shippo

We all know how frustrating printing issues and errors can be, especially when running a business that relies on printing. 

The two most common printing issues our members encounter with Shippo are:

In this article, we will go through the troubleshooting steps to help resolve these issues!


If your 4x6 labels are printing cut off or too small:

  • Make sure your Default Label Format on the Labels tab in Shippo is set to 4x6in PDF
  • Double check your printing settings. When you click File >> Print, before clicking “Print,” ensure the paper type is set to 4x6" and the "Fit to page" box is selected (the options on your computer may look different than the picture below, depending on your web browser).



  • Verify that your printer's driver is up to date. If you need to install the newest version, restart your computer afterwards and print again.
  • Try switching browsers. Chrome tends to be the best browser to use when printing labels and Safari tends not to work as well.
  • Make sure you're not using a carrier-specific printer with the wrong carrier. For example, the Zebra ZP450 is a UPS-specific printer, so it may not work as well with USPS labels. However, there is a fix for this: you can try requesting a "Seagull" version of your printer's driver from the company you purchased it from, which should turn the UPS ZP 450 into a regular generic label printer.


If the print type on the 4x6 labels is not clear:

  • Experiment with adjusting the printer settings within your computer’s control panel/system preferences - for example, the graphics settings or dithering type.
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