Updating Your Account in Shippo

Now that you’ve created your account, I’m sure you’re excited to get shipping! In this section, we'll cover updating your shipping address and billing information.

Once your account setup has been completed, your Shippo Orders page will initially look something like this:




After connecting your e-commerce store (if you're using one) your orders will populate here. If not, all manual orders will populate in this area. 


Update Your Address

If you haven’t already, the next step is to update your business address. To update your address, along with other business information, click on the “Settings” tab




If you have multiple locations you want to ship from, you can add them on this page. 

Pro Tip: The first address you enter will be your default sender and return address. Be sure to update this default when updating your address!


Update Billing Information

Once you’ve added your address, you’re ready to set up billing! You’ll need to update this information before shipping your first package.

Click to add a credit card, which will be used as your primary payment method. 

*Note, a $1 preauthorization hold may be placed on your card to verify your information.*




It’s important to note, Shippo runs on a weekly billing cycle for label purchases. 

We bill every 7 days or $100 in label purchases – whichever comes first. The default payment method saved on the Billing tab in your Shippo account will be charged for any label purchases made during that seven-day period.

After adding your card information, you’re good to go! We’re ready to use the power of Shippo to get discounts on your first label.


Next step: Getting Discounts and Updating Shipping Preferences



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