Shippo Plans and Pricing Updates

Since April of 2020, to support small and medium sized businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Shippo has been offering both its PAYGO and Professional plans free of charge for businesses that ship up to 5000 packages per month.

Starting 1/19/21, Shippo’s Plans and Pricing are changing and normal billing will resume. Here is what you need to know about the upcoming changes, how they will impact your business, and your options for changing plans.


Here's Shippo’s new plans and pricing:

Starter Professional Premier
The Starter plan will replace the current PAYGO plan. Starter will be free to use, with no monthly subscription fees or per label fees when you use Shippo’s default carrier accounts, including USPS, UPS, and DHL Express among others. There will be a $0.05 fee per label when you print labels using your own connected carrier accounts.


The Professional plan remains unchanged. Users on this plan pay a monthly subscription fee based on their shipping volume, starting at $10 per month. There are no per-label fees on the Professional plan and users get access to branding options on emails, tracking, pages, and packing slips. Shippo’s new Automations feature will also be exclusive to the Professional and Premier plans.

The Premier plan remains unchanged. Pricing and packaging for this plan are on a per-user basis and negotiated between merchants and Shippo’s sales teams based on specific needs. This plan is ideal for high volume shippers that need custom options and support.


Here is what you should expect:

If you are currently on the PAYGO plan, you will automatically be moved to the new Starter plan on 1/19/21. No action required. You will still have the option to upgrade to the Professional plan at any time from your billing page.

If you are on the Professional plan, normal billing will resume starting 1/19/21. If you’d prefer to continue using Shippo for free, you can change to the PAYGO plan before 1/19/21 to be automatically moved to the forthcoming Starter plan.If you are currently on the Premier plan, nothing will change. If you have questions about your plan or billing cycle, please contact your Shippo account manager.

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