How to Pay UPS Invoices By Credit Card

If you created a UPS Marketplace account in Shippo and are looking to pay your UPS invoices by credit card, please follow these instructions:


  1. Create personal UPS login on, or log in to your existing account
  2. Once logged into the account, click on the drop-down by the name and select "View and pay Bill"

  3. On next page click on UPS Billing center


  4. Use the account number on your invoice and add it to the next page. You will want to keep your invoice handy as you’ll need it to complete enrollment in the Billing Center.  


  5. You'll then be prompted to enroll in the billing center 


  6. Once you enroll you'll see a welcome message and you can add payment information to your account.    


  7. Enter your payment information 


  8. Once payment information is added you will see a notification asking if you want to enroll in automatic payment feature. Select yes or no


  9. Once payment method is added you will want to click on Invoices on top toolbar, and your latest invoice should appear. You can click the blue "pay now" button


  10. On the next screen select the invoice you want to pay and click next


  11. You will be prompted to select the payment date, and the account you wish to pay with. The name shown in the drop down will be the name you create for that payment method when adding you payment information. Once selected click "Submit"


Once you click submit you will be taken to a page to confirm the amount due, click the blue confirm button


Once payment goes through, you will see a successful message. If you go back to your homepage on the top toolbar, you will see the balance is $0.


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