How to Manage Order Items for Manually Created Orders in Shippo

The Items section on your Shippo Orders Page shows the items associated with each order. Order items will be included on the packing slips you download in Shippo.



  • Orders imported from your store will include the order items automatically
  • CSV-imported orders will have order items if included in the original CSV file
  • Manual orders created in Shippo using the Create Label button can have the order items added when you create your label


 How to Add and Delete Order Items


1. Open Your Order

  • Click Create Label  to the right of any order on your Shippo Orders Page
  • Scroll to the Items section of the Order information


2. Add Items

  • Click Add
  • Enter the Description, Quantity, Weight, Value, and Country of Origin (This information will also be used for Customs Declarations for international shipments)
  • SKU Code is optional
  • Click Add
  • Repeat for additional order items


3. Remove Items

  • Click Edit next to the order item
  • Click Delete Item
  • Confirm by clicking Delete Item

NOTE: Items imported from e-commerce stores will not be able to be removed.


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