How to Create a Manual Order and Label in Shippo

There are three ways to create a label in Shippo – this article provides a quick overview of each of those steps. 

  1. Create a Manual Order and Label to go with it — see below!
  2. Click on the Edit button for an order that imported from a store, CSV file, or an order that was already created — see Create a Label for an Existing Order in Shippo
  3. Create the label right on the Orders Page without moving to a new page! — see Create a Label Within the Orders Page 




Create a Shipping Label for a Manual "Order"

Add Sender and Recipient Addresses


Add Package Information

  • Click + Add package info
  • Select Custom Dimensions for your own box or use a Carrier-Provided Parcel (See Package Types and Dimensions)
  • Enter the Dimensions and Weight
  • Click Save


Optional: Select Additional Services  


Choose Rate

  • Click on the rate you wish to purchase from the list of options at the right


Click Buy

  • Click Buy at the top right
  • Click Purchase to confirm


Download and Print Your Documents

  • Click Download Label 
  • Click Download Packing Slip


Optional: Send Email Notification


After the label is purchased, the order will be marked as "Shipped" in the Orders page. The tracking number of the latest shipment purchased will be shown in the "Rates" column, unless new rates are retrieved. However, all of your purchased tracking numbers/labels will be housed on the Shipments page of your Shippo account. 


Package Types and Dimensions

You should be as accurate as possible when entering your dimensions/choosing your package type, as this can greatly affect the price you seen in Shippo.

For USPS, if you're selecting a package type from the drop-down menu, instead of entering your own dimensions, you will only see Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express prices.

This is because all the items on the drop-down menu of package types have some kind of special price associated with them (e.g., Soft Pack, Flat Rate, or Regional Rate). If you want to see a price for a Flat Rate envelope or mailer, you would choose the appropriate one from that list.

For all other packaging, even if it's branded by the carrier (for example, a mailer or box with a USPS logo on it that does not say "Flat Rate" or "Regional Rate"), since there are no specific rates associated with that packaging, it will not be listed on the drop-down menu.

For these packaging types, enter the dimensions of the mailer and see the correct rates for it. For envelopes, make sure to measure the thickness or "height" of the envelope to get accurate rates - you can put in fractions of an inch as 0.25 or 0.5 inches, for example.


To see an example of how to enter package details, plus the substantial USPS discounts you get with Shippo, try out our USPS postage calculator.


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