International Label Creation in Shippo


Create a Shipping Label for an International (Cross-Border) Shipment

1. Sender and Recipient Addresses

  • Click Create Label at the top right of your Shippo Orders Page
  • Enter the Sender and Recipient Addresses (phone numbers are required for international shipments) 
  • Click Save and Continue

2. Add Items to Declare for Customs

  • Scroll to the Items section of the Order Information
  • Click Add and enter the Description, Quantity, Unit Weight, Unit Value, and Country of Origin (SKU Code is optional)
  • Click Add and repeat for additional items

3. Add Package Information

  • Click + Add package info
  • Select Custom Dimensions for your own box or use a Carrier-Provided Parcel
  • Enter the Dimensions and Weight (Package Weight must be equal to or greater than the total weight of the order items)
  • Click Save

4. Optional: Select Additional Services  

5. Choose Rate

  • Click on the rate you wish to purchase from the list of options at the right

6. Click Buy

  • Click Buy at the top right
  • Click Purchase to confirm

7. Download and Print Your Documents

  • Click Download Label 
  • Click Download Packing Slip
  • Click Download Commercial Invoice (some carriers include this in the Label download, see Customs Declarations in Shippo)

8. Optional: Send Email Notification





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