Helpful Tips for UPS Marketplace Account Owners in Shippo

Note: UPS Marketplace accounts are no longer available for new Shippo customers. New customers have access to Shippo's UPS Master Account. Please see Adding Shippo's UPS Master Account to your Account


Helpful Tips and Common questions for current UPS Marketplace Account Owners: 

How much do I save on shipping with Shippo’s Marketplace rates? 

This program offers up to 55% off Air and 45% off Ground rates, including waived fuel and residential delivery charges.

Shippo also offers a Smart Pickup option for $5/week instead of the standard $13.45/week. Learn about Smart Pickups here: UPS Package Pickups.


Is the UPS account enabled for global shipping? 

Yes, you can ship internationally as long as the ship from address is in the United States.


Does the new UPS account offer international discounts?

Discounts will be applied for domestic U.S. shipments and international shipments originating from the United States.


Can I stack the UPS Marketplace discounts on top of the discounts in my old UPS account?

New UPS Marketplace accounts are separate UPS accounts. Discounts are exclusive to that individual account, just as your own discounts you negotiated with UPS are exclusive to your own original account.


How does billing work?

You get billed directly by UPS.

After you create your UPS Marketplace account through Shippo, you'll need to create a UPS Billing Center profile (unless you already have one!) and then connect the UPS Marketplace account to the UPS Billing Center.

To learn more about all available billing options and payment schedules, visit this link. You can manage all of your UPS accounts through the UPS Billing Center.


How do I find my UPS Billing Center login credentials when creating a UPS account through Shippo?

You just need to Sign Up for UPS Billing Center access. Then, link your UPS Marketplace account (see below).

If you already have a UPS Billing Center login, you can simply connect your UPS Marketplace account to it along with your other UPS account(s).

The UPS Marketplace account details from Shippo cannot be used to log in to the UPS Billing Center. 



How do I pay my bills via UPS Billing Center? 

In order to pay via UPS Billing Center, please follow these simple steps to link your new shipper account to UPS profile:

  1. Log into
  2. Go to “My Profile” drop-down menu and select "Payment Options"
  3. Select “Add existing account” from the dropdown labeled “Add a Payment method”
  4. Input the Account number, Nickname (your choice), Account Country, and Account Postal Code.
  5. If prompted for Invoice Authentication Information – refer to any of the three most recent UPS invoices from within the last 90 days. 
  6. Select "Save".




Can I pay my UPS invoices with a credit card?

 Yes! See Pay UPS Invoices By Credit Card


How do I arrange UPS Package Pickups? 

See UPS Package Pickups.


What if my new UPS account is flagged for unusual activity?

Email Shippo Support with the subject line “UPS Open Account - Fraud Issue”. 


How do I find my new UPS account number?

Immediately after you create the new UPS account, you'll receive an email with the subject line“Your New UPS Account is Ready to Use”. Your new account number will be provided there.

You can also find your UPS account number in Shippo:

  1. Navigate to the Carriers Page in Shippo by clicking on Settings and then Carriers in the left navigation panel
  2. Click Edit to the right of the UPS account you just created
  3. Your account number is listed in the first box



Restricted Items:

Vaping Products:

Effective April 5, 2021, UPS will no longer transport Vaping Products in the U.S. network (domestic shipments, import, and export). "Vaping Product" means any product intended for human consumption by inhalation that relies on vaporization or aerosolization, including but not limited to e-liquid, electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, electronic cigarillos, electronic pipes, electronic vaping product delivery pens, hookah pens, and any other similar devices that rely on vaporization or aerosolization.

Shipping Vaping Products through UPS may result in a $150 fee per package, as well as termination of service. You can find more information here

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