Action Required: Update for FedEx Four-Factor Authentication

 Starting in October, FedEx will require four-factor authentication for all connected accounts. Because of this, Shippo updated the flow for connecting FedEx accounts. This means that you need to:

  1. Update your integration with Shippo’s Account Creation API by September 15th.
  2. Update any existing Fedex accounts that you or your users that already connected to Shippo by October 15th.

There are 2 ways that you or your users can update a FedEx account that is connected to Shippo.

1) Use the Shippo Web Dashboard to update your connection directly in browser. Click Edit next to your account as seen below.

2) Alternatively, you can do so via API by sending a PUT request that contains:


Here is an example request:


Important: If you allow your customers to connect FedEx accounts via the Shippo API within your platform, you also need to update your platform to intake the additional fields for four-factor and use the above API request format for connecting new accounts.

Have questions? Need help? We put together a quick how-to guide for updating your account information.



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