How to Create a Label Within the Orders Page in Shippo

There are two ways to create a label in Shippo:

  1. Click on the Edit button for your order — see Create a Label in Shippo
  2. Create the label on the Orders Page — see below!



Creating a Label

You'll need parcel information to generate rates...then, purchase the rate to download and print your label. 





Add Parcel Information

1. Click on Add Package Info




2. Enter dimensions, or select from the dropdown:

  • Enter Customer Dimensions (if you're using your own parcel or non-flat rate carrier parcel)
  • Carrier Provided Parcels (carriers' flat rates)
  • Parcel Template (parcel templates you create in Shippo)




4. Enter Dimensions & Weight

  • Check the Use imported weight box for store or CSV orders with weights in Shippo
  • Skip this step if using Carrier Provided Parcel or your own Parcel Template



5. Parcel & Rate are listed

  • Your Default carrier and service level will be selected. Please see Label Settings for more information on setting up default carriers and service levels
  • If you have set up a "Service Level" automation rule, this rate will be automatically selected. Please see Automation Rules in Shippo for more information
  • If no default is set up, the lowest cost rate will be suggested




Generate & Purchase a Rate

Now that you have a suggested rate for the parcel, you can choose to purchase that rate or explore additional rate choices.


1. Click the Buy button

  • To purchase the selected rate
  • Continue if you want to compare rates



2. Click the drop-down arrow next to the rate to see a list of other rate choices

  • Click into the order if you want more options
  • Select your desired rate
  • Click the Buy button



3. Click the Confirm Purchase button to confirm



4. Download your Label & Packing Slip to print

  • Send the email confirmation if automated notices are not enabled










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