How to Connect Your ePages Store to Ship with Shippo

Connecting your ePages account to ship with Shippo is easy! In this article we'll review the steps to connect your account and start shipping!

After connecting ePages to Shippo, you can create, download, and print your shipping labels right from the Shippo App and your ePages orders will automatically be marked as "fulfilled" or "Dispatched".

You can also notify your customers when their package has been shipped. This can be managed by Shippo or by ePages. Select the option that best fits your needs. 

To learn more, follow our guides:

Connecting ePages to Shippo



You will need to uninstall the original version of the Shippo App if you were previously connected. You can do this under ePages' My Apps. The current Version 2 app is available in the App Store and can be installed after the original app is disconnected.


To connect ePages to Shippo:

  • Get started by navigating to your ePages App Store by clicking on Apps in the left navigation panel of your ePages account. 
  • Open the Filter by category drop-down and select Shipping. 
  • Select the Shippo App and click on the Install App button at the top right of your screen to begin the installation
  • Review the access rights to authorize Shippo to read and edit orders. Then, click Install app.
  • Next, sign in to Shippo
    • If you’re new to Shippo, enter your details and click the Try Shippo For Free button to create a new account.
    • If you already have a Shippo account, click the Log in link.
  • Your ePages orders will automatically import to the Shippo Orders Page and will be noted by an ePages icon




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