Paperless Trade Documents

Note: For general background on Paperless Trade (PLT), we recommend reading its Wikipedia article

Shippo supports PLT customs submissions for FedEx, UPS, and DHL Express.

When creating a shipment eligible for PLT, Shippo will automatically submit the necessary signed Commercial Invoice for you electronically and you will no longer need to print out Commercial Invoices to include in your packages. PLT helps your package arrive at its destination more quickly thanks to reduced inspection time at Customs.

Below you can see how PLT works within Shippo.

First we collect all required information including the Signee for the document submission: 


You will see the following message if the PLT was successfully submitted:


If the submission was unsuccessful, you will see this message and you will need to attach your commercial invoice as normal:



For a list of countries eligible for PLT, please refer to the list appropriate to your selected carrier:

FedEx: Link

UPS: Link

DHL Express: Link

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