Partial Order Fulfillment for Shopify (Legacy Orders Page)




This article is only for legacy Shippo users. New users, please refer to Splitting Orders


Partial Fulfillment is available for all orders imported from Shopify into Shippo. It is not available for API customers, orders that are coming from other shopping carts, or manually created orders on Shippo. 

For applicable orders, Shippo users will see a "Split Order Items" link on Step 1 of label creation. When you click this link you can select how many items to ship in this shipment, then process through label creation as normal.  See this recording for a sample flow:


How can I create subsequent fulfillments?

Once you're ready to complete the rest of the order, click the "Create another label" link in the dropdown menu for each order:


Previously fulfilled items will be shown as already shipped:


If you split the order again, you'll see the excluded items are saved for later: 


Partially fulfilled items will be synced back to Shopify.  Here's a sample of how that will be displayed:

How does a partially fulfilled order look on Shippo?

On the orders page, you'll see a box for partially fulfilled orders. See sample below: 


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