Troubleshooting Your GoDaddy Connection

Directed to GoDaddy Setup Tutorial Page:

If you've previously completed the connection between your GoDaddy store and Shippo but you're seeing the "GoDaddy Setup Tutorial" as in the screenshot below, the likely reason is that you're logged into a Shippo account other than the one connected to your GoDaddy store.


When you first connected with GoDaddy, your account was automatically created with your GoDaddy store’s email address. Any other Shippo account you create will not be able to connect to your GoDaddy store due to the previously formed connection. To confirm the email address of the correct Shippo account, please log in to your GoDaddy store and navigate to Online Store >> Settings >> Business Information



If you connected your GoDaddy store with Shippo previously and you've since changed that email address, your Shippo account will still be under the original email address that you had in your business information when you connected Shippo. Changing that email address in GoDaddy will not change anything about your Shippo account. You must log into Shippo with that original GoDaddy email. 


Seeing "Invalid Credentials" Error Message:

If you’re seeing an “invalid credentials” error message, the same applies - please be sure you’re logging in with the correct email address.

If you’re certain you're using the correct email address to log in, and you’re still seeing the “invalid credentials” message, please contact us. If GoDaddy experiences a temporary outage or something similar, the connection between Shippo and your GoDaddy store may be reset, and we’ll need to update the connection on our end.

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