Connecting a GoDaddy Store to Ship from Shippo

To connect your GoDaddy store to Shippo, you'll first need to start out in your GoDaddy account. Your store must be published/live, and you must have at least one order.

Only 1 GoDaddy store can be connected to a Shippo account. If you have multiple GoDaddy stores you will need a separate Shippo account for each store.

Once your store is connected you can click on "Get Shipping Label" on any valid order within GoDaddy. Doing so will route you to your Shippo dashboard where you can create shipping labels and track your shipments. Shippo will also automatically fulfill your orders within GoDaddy once a label is created in our system.

NOTE: Only GoDaddy stores based in the United States can be connected with Shippo. 

Please follow these steps to connect your GoDaddy store:

  1. Log into GoDaddy and click “Get Shipping Label” on a live order.


  1. Click the green "Get Started” button.


  1. You will then be redirected to the Shippo Login page. If you don’t have a Shippo account, click on “Sign Up” and follow steps to create a new Shippo account.


If you have an existing Shippo account please login using your existing account information.


  1.  After login, you'll be routed to the Orders tab where you'll see your GoDaddy imported order(s).

NOTE: If you do not see the "Get Started" button on step 2, or you are not routed to the Shippo dashboard, please see this article: "Troubleshooting GoDaddy connection issues"

Shippo will sync your orders every hour. If you would like to see your orders sooner, you can sync them manually by clicking the "Sync Orders" button in the top right of the orders tab.

NOTE: If you are using the Custom Payment method feature in GoDaddy please ensure you select the “Paid” button before selecting “Get Shipping Label.”

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