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IMPORTANT: Due to the current situation with COVID-19 and many in-store businesses moving online, we are getting a more than normal volume of customer requests. Please bear with us as response times may be a bit delayed and some live services like chat and phones may not be available.

Our customer teams are excited to help simplify your shipping. Here are a few helpful tips when reaching out to us!

Verifying your account

We have seen an increase in new customers and new businesses coming online. We have a very strict verification process on our end, this is to ensure that all businesses coming to Shippo are legit and for us to protect our current customers. If we’ve asked you to contact support, please reply with subject line “Verifying Account” to so we can get you started as fast as possible.


Help Us Help You!

 Here are the top 5 things our customers are reaching out about. Luckily, you can solve a lot of these on your end :)

  1. “I can’t see UPS rates even though I just connected my UPS account”
    • Can you try one thing for us? You can click edit on packing info and click save without making any changes. New rates including UPS rates will show up.
  2. Shopify Fulfillment: I am not seeing that my orders are being fulfilled in Shopify”
    • This is mostly related to Shopify locations and inventory. Please ensure your locations have the items stocked that you are shipping, and ensure that location address is used as the shipping address in Shippo when creating your labels.
  3. “I requested a refund, when can I expect to receive it? 
    • Refunds are applied in the form of a Shippo credit (for future label purchases) 14 business days after the label creation date. For example, if you requested a refund for a label created on 4/30/2020, you will see a credit on your account on 5/16/2020. You can see these applied on your Settings → Billing → Transactions page. You can read more on refunds here
  4. “How do I see example rates” and “Why is “SAMPLE” written across the labels I created?”
    • You can always test out creating a label prior to actually purchasing your label. When you head into your Settings → Carriers page, click on the Carrier you’d like to test rates for and put the Carrier in Test Mode. That said, don’t forget to take it out of Test Mode so that you won’t get SAMPLE labels :) 
  5. “I got a promo code from someone I worked with on the sales team but I’m not seeing it be applied”
    • If you applied a promo, you’ll see the promo in a blue banner on your Settings → Billing page, under the “Have A Promo Code” section. If you have hit the requirements of the promo, you’ll see the Promo Credit get applied to your account on your next invoice date and you can see it on your Settings → Billing/Browse Transactions page. Please note, promo codes are only applied to labels you create after you applied the promo. For example, if you applied the promo on 5/11/2020, the labels you create after that or 5/12/2020 will be used to fulfill the promo code. 

Running into a general error, a quick logout, clear cache + cookies, and logging back in usually does the trick. If not, please reach out to! 


Still can't find the information you need?

Check out our Common Questions & Troubleshooting Guide

Contact our technical support team here if you don't find what you need.

When can you expect a reply? Shippo is headquartered in San Francisco. We respond to emails:

  • 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday
  • 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. PT, Saturdays and Sundays

We aim to reply to every email on the same business day (please see above message on COVID-related delays).

Chat and phone are still open and we’re getting back to customers as fast as we can. We’re online and live M-F 8am-4pm PST. There is a bit of a wait right now but we will get to you via email if we don’t get to you live.

Login to your Shippo account so you can reach out via Chat or Callback Request: 


New to Shippo?

Have questions about Shippo or wondering if we're a good fit for your business? 

Contact our Sales team. Please let our team know:

  • A bit about your business
  • Expected monthly shipping volume
  • What you're looking for in a shipping platform

We look forward to connecting and getting you shipping as quickly as we can.


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