Troubleshooting Carrier Issues

Once you've entered your personal carrier account credentials on the Carriers Page, Shippo will display the rates that you get directly through that carrier. To ensure the accuracy of these rates, please ensure that you've entered the same login information you use to log in to the carrier’s site directly. This applies for any carrier with which you are not using Shippo's discounted rates.


If you're getting an error message:

1. If you are in Test Mode, you will not see your negotiated rates. In order to show the correct rates, you must de-activate test mode in the Carriers tab.

2. Double-check your account number/password. If the account number has letters, it may be case sensitive or it may be missing a number or have an extra number.

3. Many carriers - most commonly, FedEx, Canada Post, and DHL - provide you with both a “test” and a “production” account number. If you'd like to use Shippo's test mode, enter your test credentials and if you'd like to see real rates (out of test mode), enter your production credentials. If you enter your production credentials and activate test mode in Shippo or vice versa, you will get an error message.


If you're not seeing your negotiated rates:

1. For some carriers, especially Canada Post and DHL Germany, the credentials you enter into Shippo are not the same credentials you use to log into the carrier's website directly. Please be sure you're using your Canada Post API credentials/DHL Germany Intraship credentials in Shippo. 

2. For some carriers, UPS being the primary one, in order to see your negotiated rates you'll need to enable your account to be used by external services like Shippo. This will be done through Shippo's UPS registration process, but if you run into an error during this process, that may be why. We can contact UPS on your behalf if this is the case.

3. When calculating rates, Shippo includes all taxes and fees, so there are no surprises after you buy a label. If you're comparing the "subtotal" on the carrier's website to the rate you see on Shippo, there may be a small difference, because the carrier's "subtotal" does not include all taxes and fees. 

4. A difference in the "declared value" of an item can cause a difference in price - for domestic shipping, Shippo automatically sets the item type as "merchandise," so make sure you're specifying this on the carrier's website as well when comparing rates.

5. For UPS, you may see the following warning at the bottom of the rates page: 

  • UPS: RatedShipmentWarning: Your invoice may vary from the displayed reference rates

If you have your account set up to be billed weekly or monthly based on the number of shipments you do (for example, if you ship more than a certain number of packages in a particular month) then your total bill for the month may be adjusted down - the rates you see in Shippo may not exactly match what you see from UPS.

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