How to Connect Multiple E-Commerce Stores to One Shippo Account

Managing multiple stores can be confusing – especially when you're trying to coordinate shipping! There are several different scenarios you might encounter and we're here to help. In this article you'll find what's possible.

If you have multiple storefronts on different e-commerce platforms:

If you have multiple storefronts on different platforms (for example, a Shopify store and an Etsy store), you can connect both of those to one Shippo account!

If you have multiple stores on a single e-commerce platform

If you have multiple stores on one platform (for example, two Shopify storefronts), you'll only be able to connect one of them to your Shippo account.  

Here's a workaround for this scenario:

  • Create two Shippo accounts
  • Import your orders from your second e-commerce store into Shippo via a CSV file


The only exceptions to this is our integration with eBay and Amazon.  Shippo does allow for multiple eBay/Amazon stores to be connected to a single Shippo account. You can read more about that for eBay here, and for Amazon here.

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