Create Return Labels in Shippo


You can create a domestic return label in Shippo for:

  1. an outbound shipment that you purchased in Shippo, or
  2. a fulfilled order for which you purchased the outbound label on a platform other than Shippo.



  • International return labels are not supported in Shippo.
  • We support USPS, UPS, and FedEx return labels for domestic shipments. We do not support Canada Post or DHL Express return labels.
  • API users can also create return labels—see our API documentation for more information.
  • Each carrier supports different return label payment options. Some carriers support scan-based labels, which means users won’t be charged for the label until it enters the mailstream. Other carriers will charge for the return label as soon as it’s created. With either option, you can download the label and email it as a PDF to your customers, so they can print the label, stick it on the package, and ship it back.


1. Create a Return Label for an outbound shipment purchased in Shippo

There are three ways to create a return label to go with an outbound shipment that was purchased in Shippo:

  1. create the return label at a later time than the outbound label was purchased
  2. check the Also create a return label checkbox in Step 1 of label creation
  3. have the return label created automatically by checking the Auto-create return labels for outbound shipments box on the Labels Page (see Return Label Preferences below).


Create the Return Label at a later time

  • On the Shipments Page, click on the drop-down arrow next to the Download button for your outbound shipment, and select Create Return Label.
  • On the Orders Page, click on the drop-down arrow next to the Fulfilled button for your original order, and select Create Return Label.


  • You will see a checkbox at the bottom of the following screen labeled Pay when shipped. If you check this box, the return label will be “scan-based”, which means you'll only be charged for it if your customer uses it. 

For return labels created at a later time than the outbound label:

  • The recipient and sender addresses will be automatically swapped once the label is created.
  • Pay when shipped or "scan-based" return labels do not need to be refunded if they are not used by your customers. You will never be charged for this type of label if it is not used. 
  • When Shippo displays your rate options, the rates will have the tags Return and Pay when used.
  • Your return label will always be with the same carrier as your outbound label, but you may select a different service level with that carrier when available if you are creating the return label at a later time than the outbound label.
  • You will have the option of changing the weight and dimensions of the return package if you create a return label at a later time than the outbound label.
  • The return label will be listed on Shipments Page after purchase and will have Return noted in the Tag column.


Create a return label at the same time as creating an outbound label

You can create the return label at the same time as you are creating the outbound label. In Step 1 of label creation, there is a checkbox that reads Also create a return label.

With this box checked, both an outbound label and a return label will be created at the same time. After you click the Buy Label button, you'll see two buttons—Download Label and Download Return Label.

For return labels created at the same time as the outbound label:

  • Both labels will be the same carrier and the same shipping method (e.g. both USPS Priority Mail or both First Class Package).
  • Both labels will use the same dimensions/weight input during label creation. Should your customer need to return a shipment using a box with different dimensions/weight, we recommend creating the return label separately as outlined above. Creating the return label separately allows you to change the dimensions and weight.



2. Create a Return Label for an order Fulfilled on another platform

On the Orders Page, click on the drop-down arrow next to the Fulfilled button for your order, and select Create Return Label. Follow the prompts as explained above to create your return label.


Note: If you don't see this option, you may first need to mark the order as fulfilled within your e-commerce store and then re-sync your orders to Shippo.



Return Label Preferences

You can set up default return label preferences on the Labels Page in your Shippo account.

  • Navigate to the Labels Page by clicking on Settings and then Labels in the left navigation panel.
  • Scroll down to the Create return labels for outbound shipments section and select a default return carrier and default return service.
  • Click Save


You can also check the box to Auto-create return labels for outbound shipments on the Labels Page. This will create a scan-based return label automatically for any outbound label that you purchase. Be sure to click Save after you check this box, as well.


International Returns

Because of the customs information required, return labels for international shipments through Shippo are not supported using our accounts with USPS and DHL Express.  

If you have connected your own international carrier account, such as UPS or FedEx, and it is enabled for importing (returns) from other countries, you will be able to create a "return-like" label. To do this, you can create a new label for that shipment and manually reverse the sender and recipient addresses. If the customer does not use the label, you may request a refund.


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