Canada Post Insufficient Postage Surcharges

Insufficient postage surcharges refers to when you have not paid enough to cover the postage on your package.

The most common mistakes that can result in surcharges include entering incorrect package weight, package dimensions, or destination address.

Upon finding any of these issues with a package, Canada Post will charge the difference between the cost of the original label and what the cost should have been to the sender. 

How to avoid postage surcharges:

  • Weight - Make sure that you report correct weights while purchasing labels. If your package weighs 7.2 lbs, enter it as 7.2 lbs and not 7 lbs.
    • When in doubt, we suggest rounding up.
  • Dimensions - Report accurate dimensions when purchasing labels. Dimensional weight (volumetric weight) may apply to your packages and providing correct dimensions will help you avoid underpaid postage.  
    • Note: Canada Post's machinery will take in any ‘bulge’ in the package sidewall as well as the corner and apply to their measurements. Please be mindful of any such package deformities and measure to the largest point.
  • Correct Address - Make sure that you enter the correct address and correct zip code for both the origin and destination addresses. Any discrepancies in this may result in extra charges.

For more information on Canada Post surcharges, please review this guide on the Canada Post website. For more information on how Canada Post calculates volumetric weights, please review this guide on the Canada Post website.

How Shippo will pass along surcharges:

Canada Post bills Shippo for surcharges weekly.  We will pass any applicable surcharge on to our customers on Sunday of each week. Surcharges may be incurred up to three weeks after mailing a package with Canada Post.

Any surcharges applied to your account may be viewed within your invoices on the Billing tab.

What to do if you wish to dispute any postage surcharges:

Canada Post surcharges cannot be disputed via Shippo at this time.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.


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