Shippo for eBay Canada Shipping FAQ's

In this article, you'll find more information about using Shippo for eBay Canada shipping.

There are a few nuances when shipping in Canada with eBay. We've made a distinction between these two separate types. 

Why should I use Shippo and not eBay shipping? 

Shippo can streamline your order processing with the technology you need to grow with your online business. You will be able to create labels in batches to save time and add multiple eBay merchant accounts and your other e-commerce channels so you can easily manage everything from one shipping platform.

When you connect to Shippo, your eBay orders will be imported to Shippo automatically so you can quickly create shipping labels. After label purchase, the tracking information and tracking number is synced back to your eBay store and the order will then show as fulfilled. 


Can "individual" eBay CA merchants still use Shippo? 

Yes, the Canada Post Small Business Solutions account is simply the type of Canada Post account that eBay provides to any merchants, whether they are an individual seller or a merchant with a "business".


I don't have a business name, I'm just an individual seller. What do I put for "Business name" when I set up the Canada Post account? 

Enter your eBay merchant username for the "Business name".


How do I connect my account? 

eBay Canada merchants can connect to Shippo in two ways:

1. Click "Print Shipping Label" next to your order in eBay

2. Using the exclusive eBay Canada Onboarding link


With either option, you'll be prompted to :

  • Connect your merchant account (store) to sync your orders
  • Create an eBay-linked Canada Post Small Business Solutions account or connect an existing Canada Post account

How do I initially see Canada Post rates for my sales?

When you connect to Shippo with eBay Canada, you get access to Canada Post rates. If you didn’t do this when first connecting your eBay account, you may not get any rates for your orders to purchase labels. Follow these instructions to connect Canada Post to your account and start shipping!



This Canada Post account can only be used for orders imported from eBay. To use Canada Post for other orders, please create your own Canada Post account (if you don’t have one already) then follow the steps in Using Canada Post in Shippo.


To get Canada Post rates, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Carriers Page in Shippo by clicking on Settings and then Carriers in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click on +Connect Carrier Account at the top of the page.
  3. Select Canada Post.

Enter the required information and click Create a Canada Post Account.

If you run into a message saying an account is already associated with your email and phone number, please follow these steps:

  • You’ll receive an email from Canada Post or eBay with a Canada Post Customer Number. Please keep this number handy. 
  • Navigate to the Carriers Page in Shippo by clicking on Settings and then Carriers in the left navigation panel.
  • Click on +Connect Carrier Account at the top of the page.
  • Select Canada Post.
  • Enter your Canada Post Customer Number.
  • Click Connect Account. 

Can I connect more than one eBay merchant account to Shippo?

Yes! You can definitely connect multiple eBay merchant accounts to Shippo. After you connect the first, go to the E-commerce Channels Page under your Shippo Settings. It will show "Go to eBay" next to the original eBay connection.  

Click "Go to eBay" to enter the store information for any additional merchant account.

  • Orders will be imported in the order that they are received
  • All orders imported from each eBay merchant account will be comingled, but you'll be able to identify them by order number or buyer name
  • If you need your orders to stay separate for each of your stores, we recommend opening a different Shippo account for each of your eBay stores

See Shippo E-commerce Store Integrations for information on connecting other store channels.


What happens after I connect eBay to Shippo?

After you connect, your eBay orders will automatically import to the Shippo Orders Page. 


What happens when I click "Print Shipping Label" in eBay? 

Clicking "Print Shipping Label" next to your new order in eBay will automatically redirect you to the shipping label creation flow in Shippo. If you do not see the page to enter the package dimensions and weight and see the main Shippo Orders Page list, that means the order did not sync over to Shippo yet. Click the "Sync Orders" link at the top of the Shippo Orders Page to bring in your most recent orders. 


Will I be able to see the specific order details like item information?

The orders on the Shippo Orders Page will include all order information like order number, items in the order, quantity, cost of items, cost of shipping your buyers selected, etc. You can reference those details while you create the shipping label in Shippo.


Why are some of my eBay orders missing in Shippo?

Shippo will not import orders with an "Active" order status. Orders will only be imported into Shippo when the order status is no longer showing "Active".

If you are unsure about whether an order is active or not, check the "Date Paid" column in the Orders listing page in eBay. If the "Date Paid" is "–-" for an order then the order status is "Active".


Why did my eBay orders stop syncing to Shippo?

Your eBay credentials for your store(s) may have expired affecting the connection to Shippo. All you need to do is reconnect to restore the connection and bring in your recent orders. Please visit this link to reconnect eBay to Shippo:


How do I give the tracking number to my buyer? 

When you create a shipping label in Shippo using an eBay order, the order status will be automatically updated in your eBay store and tracking information will be sent back to eBay automatically. This update will trigger eBay to send your eBay email notifications to your customers. 

If you prefer not to use the eBay automated email notifications to send the tracking number, you can use Shippo's notifications. See Shipment Notification Emails.


How do I pay for the labels I buy in Shippo? 

Shippo will only charge you for what you ship, no deposits or pre-payment required.

  • If you are an eBay Canada merchant using eBay’s Canada Post account, Shippo will bill you for the cost of the shipment (there is no $0.05 label fee). The carrier will not bill you separately as you will be purchasing labels through eBay’s Canada Post account. 
  • If you are using Shippo’s discounted rates with USPS or DHL Express, Shippo will directly bill you the cost of the shipment, and a $0.05 label fee per shipment. The carrier will not bill you separately, as you will be purchasing labels through Shippo’s carrier account.
  • If you enter your own carrier account credentials (e.g. with FedEx, UPS, Purolator etc), Shippo will only bill you a $0.05 label fee per shipment. The carrier will bill you separately for the cost of the shipment itself.

You can review Shippo's Billing Process here.  


I won't be using the label I purchased. How can I get a refund? 

You can request a refund for any unused label in Shippo. See Refund a Label.


Can I buy insurance for my shipments? 

Yes, eBay CA merchants can purchase additional insurance for Canada Post packages through XCover. See Insuring Canada Post eBay Shipments.


Can I get a receipt for GST and HST taxes?

All Canada Post shipping labels will list any GST and HST taxes. This is the "receipt" for taxes.


Can I create Canada Post return labels? 

No, Shippo does not support Canada Post return labels. 


How can I help my buyer return their purchase?

Since Canada Post return labels are not supported in Shippo, you can use the Create Label button on the Shippo Orders Page to create a manual label.

  • The eBay-linked Canada Post account can only be used to create labels for orders that imported automatically from eBay
  • Connect your own Canada Post account first (See Connect Your Own Carrier Account and Using Canada Post in Shippo)
  • Create a manual label and swap the sender address to be the address from where the buyer is shipping the return and the recipient address to be your own address

OR, you can purchase a label from the Post Office for your buyer to use to ship the package back.


Why can't I get Canada Post rates for an order I made in Shippo? 

The eBay-linked Canada Post account can only be used to purchase labels for orders imported directly from eBay. Orders imported from other e-commerce channels, CSV import, or manually created orders will not get rates from the eBay-linked Canada Post account. (You'll see a "Platform not authorized" error.)


Shippo's Carriers Page will show a banner "This account can only be used for fulfillment of eBay orders." if you click “Edit” next to the Canada Post connection.

You'll need to connect your own Canada Post carrier account to use for any non-eBay orders (See Connect Your Own Carrier Account and Connect Your Own Carrier Account).


I added Signature Confirmation. Why are some of the Canada Post services not listed?

If you add "signature_confirmation", this will limit the service levels that are shown in Shippo. For example, Canada Post Expedited Parcel USA won't show if you choose to add on signature confirmation.

For a full list of Canada Post shipping levels and their features, you can view these articles on the Canada Post Website: Shipping Domestically In Canada and Shipping Internationally from Canada.


Why can't I get tracking information for my Canada Post Small Packet shipment? 

Canada Post does not provide tracking numbers or tracking services for the Small Packet service level so no tracking number is noted on the Shippo Shipments Page. You can learn more about the Canada Post service levels on their website

If you prefer to have tracking for future shipments, we recommend selecting a different Canada Post service level that does provide tracking services. 


Why are the rates on the eBay listings different than the rates available in Shippo?

eBay provides a Canada Post account to be used to fulfill eBay orders in Shippo. You register for this account during sign-up with Shippo. The rates available are standard Canada Post rates and do not provide any additional discount. These are the same rates you would receive if you purchased the postage at the Post Office.

Shippo is a shipping solution that you may use to create your shipping labels; however, we do not provide any of the quotes available through the shipping calculator in eBay. If you are concerned that the eBay rate estimator is not providing accurate rates for your buyers, we recommend contacting eBay for assistance. 

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